Making time for you…

Sometimes you experience days that you just want to shout about, and this Saturday was one of those days.

I joined Louise from Mindful Changes and Charlotte from Lottie’s Lifestyle and Fitness, and 6 other women who were complete strangers, for a day retreat which promised …

“To provide us with the space, time and experiences to focus on and nurture ourselves”.

The day was set in beautiful countryside in a converted barn, we couldn’t have asked for better weather and even enjoyed lunch and classes out in the sunshine.

It was carefully structured with classes from Charlotte, chosen to inspire us to wake our bodies up, to teach us about how to stay healthy and keep our minds active. Balanced with Mindful relaxation with Louise that always manages to take me away from life stresses and remind me what’s important.

Having done classes before I felt like I knew what to expect, I hoped to come home completely relaxed and re-focused. What I hadn’t expected was everything else the day gave me.

In the time we spent in between sessions chatting to each other, we shared our own Personal reasons for being there, and each of us instantly, and naturally supported one another. Nobody gave it a second thought, we all cared enough about each others day to make it a great one.

We chatted and laughed over lunch like we had known each other forever and ended the day enjoying our Prosecco out in the sunshine, with nothing but praise for our wonderful hosts.

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel

Maya Angelou

I know we are all looking forward to the next one already

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